To say I am stunned by the response to my scrap bag giveaway would probably be an understatement.

I guess the whiff of free fabric is one that travels far, in fact it travels to places so far flung from where I live that much further and you are on your way home again.
Really I should have known this would happen
I should have planned it better
I should have been prepared.
I was so sick of this idea knocking around in my head,
so sick of the complicated filing system for scraps
(ones to send back, ones to keep, ones to give away, ones to recycle)
that I just had to do it.
Nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end is there!
So many of you wonderful people commented on my last post that
I have now had to get a new note book on the go.
I am a woman who likes a new notebook, so this part really isn't a chore.
I very quickly exceeded the amount I could afford to spend on free postage and packing.
After a bit of nifty thinking, and a coming to the conclusion that yes I don't like Etsy any more I listed the scrap bags on Folksy.
The charge only covers the p&p.
There was a point today when the orders were coming in so thick and fast I didn't think I could keep up.
However I'm sort of nearly there now.
Though this picture is by no means all of them.

So now for some fun and a new scrappy tale.
I have a friend, if you can call some one you have never met and don't really know very well a friend, but hey that's blogging for you!
Her name is Colette.
Some of you may know her.
In the summer I sent her some fabrics from the scrap heap.
She has made some amazing things.
What I love is that she has done things that I would never have dreamed of doing.
To me these fabrics are all about embellishment not practicality.
How wrong am I?
Go over to her place and check it out.
She even tells you how to make them and how to deal with some of the trickier fabrics.
In the mean time this is my favourite of all the things she made.

When your parcel arrives you can continue your own tale from the scrap heap here.

If you ordered fabrics via Folksy before 3 today they will be posted tomorrow afternoon, all the freebies are also being posted tomorrow.
Any one who I know who lives locally and has ordered one will I'm afraid just have to give me a day or so to catch my breath, sorry.
Any one who ordered after 3 will get theirs posted on Wednesday.
If you try to buy some and they are out of stock, don't worry
I am restocking a couple of times a day.
Right well that is the really boring bit over.

I will be back on Wednesday with that how to on the roses.
Thank you to every one who has joined in I really can't wait to see what you have all been up to!

Love Nora xxx


  1. that's some packaging you've been doing. I suggest you put the kettle on....

  2. You must be worn out doing all that!

    I had a look at Colette's makes and they are lovely and clever - and those fabric colours are stunning!

    I'll say it again - you have a wonderful job - something that allows you to work with such beautiful fabric is a dream come true.

  3. What an astounding response! Thanks for the links, I can't wait to see what everyone makes with their scraps.

    You are making me curious - don't like etsy anymore?? Why, did you have a punch up?


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