So what has old Nora been up to?
So much.
So so much.
I had wonderous tales to tell.
Tales of muddy wellies.
Tales of Molly the pig.
Tales of lost and found.
But all of this shall now have to wait.
Because it is time for some Ninjarisation.
The Ninjas have been lucky.
They have been featured, all be it in a teeny tiny way in a national magazine.

Drum roll please.
Open if you will your September issue of Mollie Makes magazine, turn to page 14.

Sunday 18th September,
The Ninja's and their car related antics featured on the events page.
With I may add a really rather spiffy picture of the work in progress.
Whats that? You don't have a copy of Mollie Makes?
You really want to see the piece, well blink and you will miss it,
but your wish is my command!

If you are just hanging about on the afore mentioned date, twiddling your fingers, scratching your nose, wondering how to fill the day, then join us.
The Lambeth car free day is in West Norwood in sunny London town
from 12 O'clock on the 18th.
There will be lots going on, including I have been informed a roller rink!
All this and a knitted car!
The Ninja's and their many friends and families will be there,
heavily disguised in
"Hilda Ogden Chic"
so they will blend seamlessly in.
And here, as if you needed more I share with you some of the wonderful work that has sprung from the needles of Ninja H.

A clever girl all round really.
The car logo and a Ninja flag.
But a girl who's mother (a knitting obsessive herself) threatened to disown her recently if she didn't just "stop it! "
And who's girlfriend (also a ninja) threatened to leave if she didn't stop knitting on the train, bus, tube...
I say Ninja H we need you more than they do!
Love Nora xxx
p.s check out what other clever creative types have been up to here.


  1. Oh hip hip hooray! fantastic job Ninjas! I do so wish I could be there to see it in all it's glory.
    I am so impressed and down right proud of all of the Ninjas. You ROCK!

  2. What a wonderful job!! Yah for ninjas I say :) I love it - I just LOVE it! So wish I could see it in person, and that mag is totally new to me too... I don't think it swims the oceans to Australia ;) Thanks for showing the article here - more photos from the day please! Go ninjas! :) Kx

  3. Just had a catch up of your recent posts. Love your ninjaisation ... fantastic ... so wish I could be there. Keep up the good work! M x

  4. Great work! The world needs more ninja.

  5. Fabulous! Ninja H has a fine talent.
    Keep it up Ninjas, the world needs you!

  6. Glad to read this post. Very informative and interesting one. I appreciate the tips and the recommendation.Thanks.

  7. well done , I have to get myself a copy


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