We, well mainly the blonde bombshell, have had some very unwelcome visitors on and off since easter.
Every time we thought they had gone they came back.
Finally the summer holidays roll around.
One final round of treatments, no going back to pre school, no playing with other infested children and voila we were nit free.
Then last week he started scratching again.
I checked, couldn't find any, though by this time the poor boy doesn't like us even looking in his hair.
I treated him any way, used the nit comb, used the very expensive electric nit comb.
All to no avail, they are back back back.
His hair is so fine they just slip through the combs and I suspect they are now immune to every chemical treatment known to man.
I have even been massaging tea tree oil in to his scalp.
But these are South London nits they are keepers.
So this evening the Hippy made the decision I couldn't.

I got upset and very stressed, but the boys thought it was hilarious.
And now we have our own little suede head,
a little too long at a no 3 for a full blown skin head.

I am being brave and telling my self it will grow back.
But this does mean I have also to face up to the fact he is no longer Blonde and I'm going to have to drop that part of his name.
Though Bombshell does suit him in a little too well.
Love Nora xx


  1. Oh hun, I've been there and can sympathise...
    he looks very cute and tactile though!!!
    The only way I managed to get rid of my girls' visitors was to condition and comb through every night for a fortnight. Fun eh?

  2. Oh I've so been there. I had to shave my sons hair off to get rid of our visitors because nothing else would do it!
    Your boy is such a sweetie! Look at that 'I'm nit-free' smile.

  3. I am itching all over. Brave you.
    He still looks darn cute though.

  4. Bless him - he looks absolutely adorable with the haircut. We've been battling the little blighters with my 14 year old daughter this summer - I thought we'd grown out of that! And she isn't going to be up for a number 3, that's for certain!

  5. Oh dear. I feel your hurt. I'm a hairdresser and the only thing i have found that works is PPS fried lice. ...its fab.

  6. I'm feeling all itchy too now! Scratching my hair like mad.

    He does look very cute but I feel your pain. I actually cried when my youngest had all his beautiful curls cut off - also because of lice. He never allowed me to let his hair grow long again either as he said he looked like a girl with curls - and he was only 4 1/2 at the time!

  7. Can't.Stop.The.Itchy! (All your commenters/fans are now infested).

    The suede head nearly makes up for the flowing golden locks. And you can tell, he'll never ever lose his Bombshell...

  8. I might just copy cat Tania's comment! He's all bombshell that one, yes indeed!

  9. Have been there too, with 3 boys! It is so gutting to cut their hair isn't it.
    So feeling for you. School starts tomorrow and the checking out their hair starts too!
    I got grossed out too when I got them. The silver metal comb is the best thing ever invented! The cheeky monkeys so get nuked.
    Darn am starting to itch.
    Becca xx

  10. I cannot WAIT to read more of this. I mean, you just know so much about this. Its like you have an insight that most people haven.


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