oh boy oh boy is it getting busy round here.
I'm just waking up to the fact that the Streatham Festival starts on 3rd July,
which is only 10 days away.
With two workshops in the programme, I really have got to get on with the publicity, oh and the content.
Double gulp.
I guess this isn't the most seat of the pants I've ever flown, but its getting a bit scary.
So this week I have been mostly making samples, ordering supplies, shopping for more socks than I think I would use in a life time, and trying my inexpert hand at making publicity flyers.
And now I feel as though may be I'm getting there.
So with out further ado


Flaming Nora Presents

a floral extravaganza

Join Nora in this friendly and welcoming workshop to put a bit of crafty goodness back in your life.

You’ll be making flower brooches, large and small, under and over-stated, using special bits of fabric and trimmings from

Nora’s haberdashery cupboard.

Every one is welcome, come along and make an accessory to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

If you think you can’t sew, you are wrong!

Let Nora show you how it’s done, no sewing ability too great or too small.

ADMISSION £8.00, just turn up.


22 Ellora rd, Streatham, London, SW16

Tuesday 6th July 2010 - 8pm


And then with only a small pause for breath,

workshop the second


Nora is inviting children to bring their grown ups and create sock critters.

“What is a sock critter?” you cry.
“A critter,” Nora replies “is anything you want it to be” Real or unreal, odd, weird, cute, young, old, yellow, pink, blue. The workshops last one and a half hours (grown ups don’t have the attention span for anything else) SEWING IS NOT JUST FOR GIRLS! Unfortunately children under 5 are not quite big enough yet.... Admission £8. per child, one adult per family free at the STREATHAM YOUTH AND COMMUNITY TRUST, CONYERS RD, STREATHAM, SW16 Advance booking essential on OR 07952261253 Saturday 10th July 2010 Classes at 1pm and 3 pm

Ok, so thats it, if you are interested in either of the workshops e-mail me on the link above, or leave a message at the end of this post.

Thanks N xx


  1. Wish I was closer, I'd come on down for a workshop for certain. What a busy bee you are! Beast of luck at the festival!

  2. I did mean best of luck, not so much beast:)

  3. Thank you Lola, you would be more than welcome, I can just imagine the things of beauty you would create. Ah well one day....

  4. I love those sock critters, if we were a bit nearer and weekends weren't so frantic we'd pop along, have fun!

  5. Hello, it's linniekin from Flickr - saw your post and the flower workshop sounds lovely! I'm planning to come with another crafty friend. ^_^

  6. Woo woo. Make sure you let me know who you are Linniekin. I would hate to not realise its you. How exciting!


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