I found this fantastic group on flickr.
Crafting 365.
The idea is you take a crafty picture of what you are up to every day for a year.
So far I have been taking part for 6 whole days.
So here is what I've been up to this week.

Day 1 Monday 14th June.
A photo of a lot of finished and half finished projects, as well as a glimpse of a HUGE pile of mending.

Day 2 Tuesday 15th June.

St George cross bunting.
Made from white cotton with a red gingham cross, that is freehand machine embroidered on to give an interesting reverse effect, interspursed with white and red random polka dot flags.

Day 3 Wednesday 16th June.

An Elephant never forgets.
Decorated notebook, featuring elephants and machine embroidery.

Day 4 Thursday 17th June.

Preperation for my "get to know your sewing machine workshop that I am running on Saturday.

Day 5 Friday 18th June.

Fabric hunting in Tooting.

Day 6 Saturday

"get to know your sewing machine " workshop.
Harriet on of my lovely Ladies appilqueing some ducks.

It must be said I am having a lot of fun documenting what I am up to in this way.
But I do think that a week of camping in Dorset in August may cause some challenges!


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