Cerberus the invisible three headed dog, four children, three adults, two tents.

This weekend just gone saw the flaming family heading off to Henfield near Brighton with friends for a well deserved spot of camping.
Upon arrival and after the obligatory row whilst erecting the tent, the children dispersed to explore the bushes whilst the flaming hippie and I sat down with our good friend Mark to begin the serious business of CAMPING.
Which as tradition dictates began with a round of cold beers and ended with fish and chips.

We soon realised none of the children had been seen for a while though their collective bellows could be heard far and wide over the Sussex downs.

On further investigation we found them playing with an old dog lead in a ditch.
How quickly they become feral.

It was only as the Ginger Ninja sprinted past shouting
"come on Cerberus its time for a walk"
we realised it was no ordinary ditch and that was no ordinary dog lead.

I was surprised by and secretly rather proud of this statement.
On further questioning it turns out our number 1 son knows rather a lot about Greek mythology, and is especially taken with Cerberus. Though I suspect that the drooling vicious treble heads may have more to do with capturing the imagination of a
7 yr. old boy
than the important role it played guarding the gates to Hades.
Though the underworld is apparently appealing too.

Most of this information was gleaned from the Horniman Museum,
in Forest Hill in London,
where I took the boys during half term in a rare moment of practicing being a good parent.

This wasn't the only surprise the ditch held for us over the course of the weekend.
At one point Sophie decided to try and leap across it,

but was caught in the magical vortex half way across and replaced by an exact replica of her self in the form of a tree nymph.

Still not sure if we have the real girl back or not, but we decided on a pact of silence and hopefully her mum will never know the difference.

And the final wonder of the ditch was this little beauty.

Did I dare kiss it?



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