I love this time of year.
Every thing is so green, spring has sprung, winter is over.
It is time to celebrate
Hastings does this better than most places.
Jack In The Green.
5 days of celebration and welcoming in the new season.
Culminating in the parade on bank holiday Monday.
In the morning the Jack is released from the Fisherman's Museum on the seafront.
Jack, the Gay Bogies, the lovely ladies, the giants, the drum and Morris dancing troupes, the sweeps parade through the old town and up on to the West hill.

Greening noses every where they went.

Sitting in the sun, drinking a cold beer, catching up with friends, watching the Morris Dancing troupes doing their thing.
Happy spring every one.
Love Nora xxx


  1. This looks amazing and not a little bit pagan. We used to have something a bit like this in Edinburgh for Beltane on the eve of the 30th April but it got all commercial and horrible. xx

  2. What a great tradition ! We don't know it here in Belgium... Too much catholic "influence" the past centuries...

  3. Brilliant! Super photos of what looks like a wonderful day.

  4. Those pictures bring out the witch in me. Fantastic.

    Jean x

  5. I've never heard of this before- amazing!

  6. Wow, wow! I've never seen anything like it.
    Fantastic! X

  7. Happy spring to you too Nora. And have a look at Thornborough Henges Beltane celebrations, to see how we do it in Yorkshire! X


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