Hello I'm just dropping by for a few moments this evening to say Hi and in place of anything constructive to say show you some quick pics of what I am up to.

Today mainly I have been cutting big pieces of gold braid up in to little pieces of gold braid and then restitching it in to something else.

Only the something else needs to looks like real life very expensive gold embroidered fabric.
As often happens the reverse of the applique looks even more interesting than the front.

Its all mounted on to the most amazing very thick wool felt.
Right thats it, I'm off. It's a very tight deadline.
But I will share more images of the finished Matador once he's finished.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. You have the best job...I'd love to bling up a Matador!

  2. This is bloody lovely. You can't beat a bit of bling. xx

  3. Ooo, so shiny and lovely! But I also love the other side, it indeed is very interesting...Chrissie x


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