I've been to the frozen north

I've climbed an iceberg made of stone

I've trodden the cold streets
I've searched a Saumi tent

I've spent unmentionable amounts of money on a pint of beer.
I've worked hard and I've hunted high and low.

Every where I went people knew exactly what I wanted,
they could even name the style of pattern.
I found it in jumpers
I found it in socks
In gloves and I suspect even in a dodgy pair of nylon leggings
But let me say there was NOT ONE single wooly hat of the correct traditional design in the whole of blooming Oslo.
However There were breath taking views

Amazing decorations

Beautiful knits

Reunions with flame haired Glamorous ex assistants

and these socks.

If only I could have afforded them and they were in an adult size!
Moving tributes out side the Cathedral to the massacre in July

More hard work

And just as I exited the Stage door to return to the airport

Love Nora xxx


  1. Lovely photos - looks like a wonderful experience. I'd love to go to the frozen North - it's definitely on my To Do list. And isn't that reindeer caution sign just the bees knees? :)

  2. Was it the design that has the reindeers on?... a girl at school, who always seemed to have the nicest lunchbox inners and the neatest writing had a jumper from Norway that I coveted. It had a line of reindeer running around it at chest height, my mum eventually found me a similar one from Woolies, but it was scratchy and red and sadly lacking in reindeer but with a surfeit of snowflakes, so really not the same at all.

    What was it with girls like that... is having nicer stuff than the rest of us nature or nurture?

  3. what a trip - great photos, hope we get some snow soon(ish)

  4. Oh, you lucky lucky thing! All that lovely brrrrrrr weather, Christmas is so fab in the cold. Lovely shots.

    Don't worry I reckon Santa's got your prize covered - Hope you've been good! ; )

  5. Madame Flambé, Hot & fiery amongst all the snowy wastes...did you melt some hearts doll ? or did you just singe something ? xxxxx

    Great pics xxx am extremely envious of the cold, is hot and sweaty like a navvy's arm -pit here !!!

    luv yah,
    lionel xxx


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