This week has been all about two things.
Two closely related but quite separate things.
Working in the day job has been fairly full on with lots of deliveries and deadlines.
But to break the stress and tedium this week seems to have also been all about fabric, oh and a vintage peg basket.
Somehow new bits of vintage loveliness just kept arriving in some cases quite literally on the doorstep.
First to arrive was this bundle of scraps from Joanne at stitch art,
as part of the second veryberryhandmade scrap swap.

Then came this beautiful duvet cover
found in a flying visit to a charity shop
handily situated next to the hairdressers where
I took the boys for their bi-annual haircuts.

Next was a bag crammed to bursting from my friend Jane.
A result of her loft clear out and reorganisation.
Lots of bits of 1980's reminiscence.

Tiny bits of fleece, perfect for my next kids sewing class.

And the afore mentioned jumping fish

She is a stronger woman than I am for giving this one away.
I am resisting the temptation to grab the felt pens and start colouring in .
It is I think destined for display on the wall at some point in the future.
Next up was this beauty.
Ordered from Etsy last week. I have some very definite plans for this baby.

So I sat back and relaxed, what a great haul how could I do any better?
How much fabric can one girl find in a week?
Well apparently more.
Yesterday morning the ginger one and I decided to make a quick detour
to the local car boot sale.
Where we unearthed a 1950's apron

a candy stripe sheet

and, just in case you thought I had forgotten
a new peg basket full of happy pegs.

Back soon.
Love Nora xx


  1. and you can NEVER have enough fabric...ever!

  2. That's called planetary alignment, that is...

  3. So many goodies here! Love your stash - these fabrics are just gorgeous :) My small offering may take longer than I thought to arrive at yours I'm afraid... haven't forgotten though! Have a great week. Kx

  4. Crikey! What a gorgeous pile of goodness! Fantastic I say, and I'm only slightly jealous whilst being very happy for you.

  5. My you have done well. I love the apron, and the duvet cover - I seem to love all things green these days, oh and that candy stripe takes me back....

  6. Excellent! I love that green duvet cover. And very glad you have received your Scrap Swap parcel safely. Which reminds me that I really must send mine! Naughty swap organiser...

  7. Being a fellow fabric and apron lover..I just had to follow you! (I love cushions too!)

  8. And didn't she do well?!
    What a haul. The candy strip sheets make me all sentimental and that duvet cover - oh hello.
    Enjoy all the lovliness.

  9. That's a whole lotta lovely right there, Nora. I love looking at all your bits and pieces and wondering what you're going to create with it all. Something special, without a doubt. x

    PS - 'Hi!' x


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