"Jobs" don't you just hate that phrase.
Especially of a weekend.
This morning as I woke up at an unreasonably early hour.
Well I say woke, but maybe woken would be a better word.
As I lay in bed my eyes hardly focusing, a small child jumping on my head and a slightly less small child wanting to know what difficult words in his horrible geography book were,
the cogs in my blank pre cup of tea mind started to slowly turn.
Saturday Morning, two whole blissful days stretching before us,
and then oh bliss Monday means Holidays.
Proper going abroad holidays.
Proper catching up with the French branch of the Flaming family holidays.
All that nothing to-do-ness.
But then some where at the back of the old blank canvas there appeared a black cloud.
And that black cloud was called Jobs.
So far today I have done the washing
(lots of it because of above mentioned excursion and
every one wanting their new/ best clothes)
Hung out lots of said washing.
Made breakfasts and tea.
Driven my youngest darling to Croydon to pick up his new micro scooter.
Then it was off to do some shopping, essentials like new pants and socks.
Then to College for sadly the very last time to see my students exhibition.
Then off up in to Tooting to stock up on essential Indian spices for my old Dad that apparently are not available it the far flung and rural place he lives.
Whilst there I managed to check out a couple of fabric stores, one of which had this fab collection of old sewing machine boxes and machine stands.

The boxes were really cheap and I was sorely tempted,
but what in the name of god would I do with it or Put it?
All the same....

Oh the inner hoarder, it will be the ruin of us all!
Any way after that pleasing interlude it was back to it.
Shopping for dinner.
Cleaning out the car.
Washing up.
Bed time.
Arguing about bed time.
Arguing about bed time some more.
Realising that only one of them is in bed.
Starting all over again.
A huge pile of ironing (see above reference to family holiday)
And then suddenly peace, a cold beer in my hand and "Trading Places" on film 4.
Relax, until tomorrow morning when it will all start again.
How is your weekend panning out?
Hope its less hectic than mine.
Love Nora xx


  1. Well my Saturday was something vey similar mainly revolving around mounds of washing, ironing etc though there was a brief interlude where I bounced on the trampoline and made lots of noise in the garden with the kids. (Note to self: Do not bounce on trampoline 5 weeks after giving birth).
    Noah's new wet suit has arrived so no doubt we'll be heading off to give it a christening at the beach....the sun is shining, hooray!!
    Have a lovely time in France XXXXXX

  2. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Just settling back down here after visiting family up north and then an escape to Birmingham for a Hen night.
    Feeling frazzled.
    Enjoy your holiday - and rest a little!! x

  4. Jobs = chores = bores. BUT, always sooooo good when you tick them off your list, right? I'm quite a fan of a good list ticking extravaganza.

    You already read about my somewhat-unusual weekend encounter. The rest of the weekend was same-same. x

  5. Oh, it's been busy busy 'round here as well. It seems everyone has decided to come visiting at once. We even have our friends from "London" here. Much tidying, washing up, cooking and hosting. Plus the extra daily routines we have had to add to our days. Still, the sun is out and so I feel ok about it all.

  6. Ah those stands and boxes...I wonder if they are the leftovers from this:
    apparently there are a number of branches with this window display - I want to know what will happen when they've finished with them!


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