The question was asked.
The answer was given.
The date was set.
The invitations were sent.
The Ninjas were at a loose end.
The wool was ordered.
The needles were polished.
(after all this was to be a very special occasion)
New recruits were added to the wooly warriors.

16 hours before the big event the ninjas gathered.

Operating under the theory that the safest place to hide is in a crowd, and in the interests of seamlessly blending in several rounds of drink were ordered.

After a bit of last minute casting off all was set.
With all the subtlety of an elephant in tap shoes the Ninjas applied their stealth training and set to the large pile of knitted goodness.

Soon the interest of the other drinkers was peaked.
Crys of "Oh its the Ninjas" went up.

A crowd gathered, but the Ninjas true to their training blended seamlessly in to their backgrounds.

In the morning Ninja One returned to the scene of the crime to take some daylight shots.

And a little last minute Ninjafication of the pub.

Unfortunately someone had misread the timetable of events and it turned out that the wedding procession was not in fact passing through this sleepy backwater of South London.
Happy Royal Wedding Day.
Love Nora xx


  1. Wow that was so amazing!!!! well done all of you!

  2. I'm very impressed that the wooley bollard covers were still there next morning! I'm thinking every bollard needs one.....xx

  3. I love the settee in the street!

  4. It is more fabulous than I ever could have imagined! Sadly, I have failed my first mission. There was simply too much going on here in the little green cottage. I am hanging my head in shame, hoping to some day redeem myself amongst th Ninjas.

  5. well done folks! Do you take requests?

  6. this post makes me so happy.

  7. Someone should make sure Will and Kate get to see this.....they'd love it!

  8. Makes you proud to be British ;)

  9. Food, booze, ninjafication, good times.

  10. Blimey! there seem to be more and more knitting going on there. How long does it take to knit all of this?

    Looks amazing & I love the detail of the soldiers.

    Can't wait to spot one of the ninja doing in SW!

  11. OMG! I love it!!! This is just the best. Thanks for the smile :)


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