Man alive!
so much to say so little time!
I started this week running and I'm not sure I've stopped.
This past week has seen the ginger ninja go from this

to this.

Something I am still coming to terms with.
Thankfully the blonde one still has a full head of flowing locks.
This past week has also seen not one but two workshops
as well as a return to the day job after a well earned week off,
and staying up way way too late catching up with a very special friend.
Oh and I also signed up for this baby

should be fun, hopefully I will get the time to do what the kids are demanding of me, a shirt with flaming skull for one and something pirate for the other.
We'll see.

So any hoo
back to those workshops.
The first was at our local pub, my regular venue, another evening of
sewing for the greater good.

We were making lavender bags.

The money raised, £110, is going to the Red Cross Pakistan flood appeal.
Every one who came, braving torrential downpours, had a great time, meeting new people, learning something new and having a few drinks at the same time.

Some people were very good sewers, and some hadn't picked up a needle since school, but all made beautiful pieces.

Even Jakob the bar man had a go!

Here is a selection of the acheivements of the evening. (You can see the rest on my flikr account girls, just click the link on the right)

The second workshop was on Saturday as a part of the Bermondsey St festival, the whiff of lavender again was under our nose.
They were held at Bermondsey Fayre, a fantastic emporium run by
one of my neighbours Liz.
She has recently had the back of the shop done up and is starting to run workshops and yoga classes from it.
Needless to say Nora is heavily involved!
In fact we have a full Autumn programme planned.
The whole day was so much fun and so interesting that I'm going to have to save it for another day.
However in the meantime here are some pics of what we were up to and some of my new little maties.

Love Nora xx


  1. Oh no! Where has his lovely hair gone! Ahhh! Did school make him do it? Damn school and their neatness ways! Long hair for boys forever! x

  2. Oh wow, a very shorn Nija! No wonder you are having a time coming to terms with it!

  3. Oh those gorgeous locks! Have a lie down and a cup of tea.

    What a crazy week - looks like lots of fun though, I love to see children sewing, and the wonder on their faces as their creation comes to life - marvelous. x

  4. Oh goodness, It would take me a bit to come to terms with the haircut for certain.

    Busy bee you! Wish I could have come and joined the fun, looks just lovely.


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