Last week the main past time in this quiet corner of south London was the obsessive checking of the weather forecasts.
All this because Saturday saw the fourth annual Ferrers Triangle street party.
During the week people kept asking what plan B was going to be, or just shrugging their shoulders and tutting whilst looking at the skys when asked if they were coming along on Saturday.
According to most weather reports there would be showers all day from about 1pm onwards.
Well there was NO WAY we were allowing any of that kind carry on.
At 9 am when I set off to take delivery of the stage, P.A and bouncy castle is was very grey.
At 11 when I went back to string the 75m of bunting across the street it wasn't much better, and at 1 o'clock when I returned after a cheeky bacon and egg buttie to put up the photographic displays there was a fine drizzle in the air.
But by the time I reached the stalls it had stopped.
Then as if by order at 2 o'clock on the dot the sun came out, and out, and out. It was such a fantastic day, sunny and hot, in fact I got sunburnt.
What a wonderful day with the coming together of neighbours, friends and family,
children playing in the road all day and well in to the late evening, running around in complete safety.

The drumming workshop was fantastic,

the cakes delicious,

the atmosphere amazing and the beat the goalie competition completely above board and catering to all abilities. In the interests of fairness as far as I could see all you had to do was kick the ball and you got a prize. Hence the blonde bomb shell eating his own body weight in haribo.
Then there was the children's costume parade every year a winner

and what would I give to be able to show you some pictures of the
adult 3 legged race, oh well can't win em all!
Furniture was moved out from the pub on to the street,

an amazing focal point for people to sit and take the weight off, catch up and watch the day unfold.
We had all stayed up very late the night before getting displays of photos ready, organising the raffle and general last minute preparations.
But was it worth it?
To spend the day in the sun, eating home made cakes, watching people get to know each other, children with painted faces having unrestrained fun and to see Stan one of our oldest residents come up for the second year running to claim his prize in the sunflower growing competition?

It was worth the year round planning, the late nights,the long long day and all the money we raised for Spires a local charity helping the homeless and disadvantaged.

Would I do it again?
Oh yes!
And the highlight of the day?
The drunken football match between the local ladies football team, The Streatham Strikers, and a handful of Dad's, 8 yr. old boys and random inebriated men.

Who knows who won, but watching it was very funny.
Nora xx


  1. Oh, that sounds just wonderful!

    I wanted to thank you for all the lovely and encouraging comments you left me last week. The truth is, each one made me smile and feel a bit comforted, in that "one mum to another" kind of way. I so appreciate you taking the time to drop a line.
    Take Care


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