We have been waiting for this moment for quite some time.
The boys have been nearly bursting with frustration that it has taken so long.
But finally yesterday The Hippy managed to get back to his parents to pick up the run and by this morning every thing was assembled and all systems were go.

So here they are our girls settling in to their new home.

 This one is called Rosie. Named after the book Rosie's Walk.

The other two are waiting to be named, I'll be sure to let you know when decisions have been made.

Love Nora xxx


  1. OMG, chickens! I love chickens. That little noise they make when they are sitting relaxing. So cute. What a fabulous addition to your family. xx

  2. Oh aren't they lovely! Looks like they've got a nice, smart home too!

  3. This is a fabulous development. Although I really don't much of anything about raising chickens, and am unlikely to ever have the opportunity to give it a try, I have long been fascinated by the notion of having your own hens, and fresh eggs. When I was a child in Virginia, our family did have weekly egg deliveries by "our egg man" from Harshbargers Henhaven Farm. Perhaps that is where my curiosity began, or perhaps from tales my grandmother told me about growing up on a farm.

    Before I forget, I also loved that previous post about Green Jack and the 1st of May. I would have enjoyed that drum contest, I am sure.


  4. How exciting! What type of hens are they? I have been wanting to keep chickens for so long so glad you have got yours. I am reading a book at the moment called The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, it's a lovely story but sad, when I eventually I get to keep chickens of my own, I will think about this book and call one of my hens "Sprout" after the chief character. Looking forward to seeing more blog posts about your adventures with your hens. There is a Facebook page called Down The Lane which has alot of chicken keepeers on it x

  5. Oh how lovely! Fresh eggs :) Happy pickings. xx

  6. Good decision to keep hens ! They're fun, easy to tame (I can pet all my chicks !) , and imagine all the cakes, omelets and pastries that will be rolling out of your kitchen as from now :-).
    Other positive thing : if the boys or the Hippy are naughty, lock them in in the chicken run. ;-)))

  7. What excitement! Fresh eggs and and something to amuse the kidlets, win, win in my book.

  8. Oh hooray! Welcome to your new home hens! What a nice coop! Congratulations

  9. We miss having chickens s much! Looking forward to more updates!

  10. How exciting!
    Can't wait to hear their names! X

  11. So envious of you.... we are not allowed to have chickens yet!
    Love them too bits and aren't they so funny!!
    bestest daisy j xxx


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