Right now I am sinking under the weight of work.
This morning I am coming up for air and thought I would show you a little snip of what I've been up to.
Little being the operative word. 
Two tiny tiny matching gowns, for the same film I was working on here.
The only measurement I was given was that the babies are 63 cm long.

Now its been over 6 years since I have regularly had my mitts on a baby of my own and the only one I have regular access to at the moment is somewhat longer than 63 cm and quite a well built little man.
After a certain amount of head scratching I remembered a box of old commercial patterns that I have had for ever. 
I only keep them out of sentimentality, they were all my Mum's old patterns, and the fact I love the illustrations on the covers. 
They are mainly outfits she made herself when she was young and in and amongst them are some she made for me when I was little.

Now at least I knew how big to make the armholes and neckline, or how long the sleeves should be.
The answer is much shorter than I would have made them!
I'm afraid yet again I can't show you the finished garment, but I can show you the tinniest collar pattern ever! And give you the solemn promise to share as soon as the film is out.

Hope it's not raining too much where you are. Have a lovely Sunday kids.
Love Nora xxx


  1. I am really curious to see what you've made from those old patterns !

  2. How lovely that you still have those patterns. Really looking forward to seeing the finished articles when you can. No rain where I am - which is in Australia - for a month!

  3. How wonderful to have your mother's patterns. I look forward to seeing your outfits.

  4. How funny Nora, I was just looking at some very old knitting pattern books which I was digging out for a reminiscence project I'm taking part in with London Wildlife Trust. Not only are the illustrations lovely, but the adverts inside are fascinating! "Mothers note this - Atora Beef Suet supplies to children the means of sturdy growth, sound teeth, vigour & health. Adults also derive benefit from the delicious puddings, dumplings and cakes it makes." How times change!!

  5. Such wonderful stitching! Can't wait to see the whole picture, or the film!

  6. You are always such a tease. Your work is pressured but always sounds so interesting and fulfilling and most of all creative.

    Jean x

  7. Ooooo can't wait to see the film! So exciting! X

  8. Oh my what a challenge!! It's so hard to get those proportions once our own have passed that stage, isn't it? Very happy for you that more work has come from this project :) Your detailing looks divine as always. Kx

  9. I really do love it when you show us what you are working on...d xx

  10. Looking forward to seeing the finished results one day ...
    M x

  11. That pattern is adorable. How nice to be able to use your Mother's old patterns. Love your handwork.It is always so beautifully neat. xx


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