Just popping by to say "Hello" and sorry for the irratic blogging.
I'm afraid moving to the seaside really does interfere with the day to day running of well every thing really.
Who knew that it would take nearly 4 weeks to get broadband installed?
Who knew how difficult it is to have all you essential services connected with out broadband?
It took me 5 minutes of searching to find a phone number on the T.V licence, and let me not even start to talk about how difficult it was to find a number to ring B.T broadband, thats British Telecomunications folks, yes telecomunications, the people who bring you er, phone lines.
In the end the Hippy took pity on me and went out and bought me a dongle.
He said, don't waste it, just use it for emails and stuff, it will be really expensive to keep topping it up.
I said "Yes of course you are right darling"
Then he took the boys away for the weekend leaving me A)feeling sad I wasn't with them, B) alone with a slightly psycotic cat and C) with about 3 weeks worth of work to do in 2 days. He also left me alone and in charge of my own dongle. So here I am, uploading pictures and planning on watching a lot of things on the iplayer later.
Shhh he will never know.
In the meantime here are some pictures to keep us all amused.
Its been a hectic couple of weeks.
With leaving partys the thought of which still make me cry

And a landmark double figures birthday the thought of which also makes me cry.
How can it possibly be 10 years since every aspect of our lives changes compleatly, totally and utterly?

So to stop me being teary eyed and coming over all unnessacary here are some Easter egg hunt pictures taken in our new enormous garden.

Happy belated Easter folks.
Fingers crossed I will be back more regularly soon and that my wanton abouse of the dongle priviladges goes undetected!
Love Nora. xxx 


  1. very funny post, look forward to future posts from the seaside!

  2. As soon as you have got a bit organised (and there is a space available for a small camp bed) I am coming to visit! British Telecommunications sounds so antiquated doesn't it (which is not necessarily a bad thing), xxAxx

  3. What a huge amount of upheaval.... all the very best with settling in to your new home!

  4. Great photos - I think I'd have that expression on my face if I was presented with a dessert that looks like that!

  5. I think I would stick my face right into that dessert and not even come up for air :).

    I hope the month levels out as much or as possible... or that May just gets here soon!

  6. Phew, you made it!
    Have fun settling into the next chapter and Happy Birthday to the newly old chap. xx

  7. Glad you've settled in OK, hope the broadband is fixed soon


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