Oh and while you are about it you can take your close friend inertia with you.
My very best friend once told me that our problem was that unless the deadline is biting us on the bum we really just do not get on with it.
Oh how true that is.
I am currently working on quite a big job for my day job.
A production of "West side story" for a theatre in Norway to be precise.
8 beautiful 1950's party dresses designed by some one I really like and admire.
So why are they still hanging there looking at me accusingly?
Why are they not nearly ready for their second fittings in a couple of weeks time?
I mean I've had long enough, we started them in September for goodness sake.
I realise now its because I've had a visitor.
They are a stealthy visitor. One I didn't notice for quite a long time.
To be honest Procrastination is a very low maintanence house guest.
I think he moved in at the beginning of October.
The arrival was soon followed by me signing up for Karen Ruane's buttons and more class.
Its good to keep your self open to new ideas. It keeps me fresh and up to date, stops me from going stale etc etc.
Oh how you must have heard it all before.
We all do it.
Now don't get me wrong, Karen's course is AMAZING.
It really really is.
I have no regrets and it did all of the above listed things.
But was it the beginning of Procrastinations extended visit?
Lets face it we have all been enjoying the spoils of his visit, the tales from the scrap heap, the tutorials. I've been having a great time!
But all the time tick tock tick tock.
I have so many blog posts I want to write, so many things I want to make, cards to send, workshops to organise, bedrooms to decorate, a house to clean and yet they are still undone.
Why is this?
Ah Inertia the whispy and transparent friend of Mr P I see you have arrived under the cover of darkness, snuck in on a blast of cold air one evening when I went to put the rubbish out.
Well now I say BE GONE!
And so I bring you the real post as opposed to the very long pre amble you have just read.

Always that was said in that steely tone of voice that only your own mother can muster, and that you seem to fail at miserably every time you attempt it.
Karen Ruan's excellent course.
I found it really inspiring and so much fun.
I've been meaning to share with you what I made for ages, but for the reasons listed above it hasn't happened.
Before I show you my masterpieces (ahem, cough cough)
I must tell you that karen is re running her course starting next week.
You can find all the details here.
She is a great tutor giving clear instructions and video lessons as well as loads of fantastic advice and feed back.
And at only £30 for a 3 week course an absolute bargain. I would happily have paid double that.
And so to the pictures.

Barroque noughts and crosses.

Cut work button with web stitch and french knots.

Sun a rise early in the morning.

The union flag.
As ever going slightly off piste, a piece of drift wood covered with linen, covered in embriodery, destined to be a brooch.

And then as you do I got interested in something else.
Japanese Borro textiles.
Which lead to this

and this

which made me think about Japanese wood cuts,
which lead me to waves

And finally...

A dorset button.
Not sure I'll revisit this one, but I guess it was interesting to make one!

And the mad thing is there are at least 3 types of button I haven't got round to yet.
You can see more creative spaces here.
Much love and many thanks for bearing with me on this ramble.
The unwanted guests are packing their bags as I type.
So hopefully normality will resume soon.
Love Nora xxx


  1. OMG... those buttons are just the most exquisite things I have ever seen! They really are worth a bit of procrastination, Jane :) Just divine. Let me know if you decide to put them in your shop - especially the 'Japanese woodcut' ones... please :) Kx

  2. Oh! They're lovely. The wave one especially so.

  3. why thankyou!!! It doesn't get you off my detention list though.....nice try and all that!!
    Serious head on now......seeing these all together makes me appreciate the effort you have all put in and that makes it such a pleasure for me. Now I'm going before I throw up!!

  4. Hmmm...I think Procrastination's evil twin took up residence here a long time ago ...I also only move myself when there's a deadline looming. It's stupid to put myself under so much stress though. Why why why do I do it!

    Love the Japanese buttons - especially the waves one. Just beautiful.

  5. Awesome brooches! I and I do love the bird brooches a few posts back!!!

  6. amazing brooches! love the waves one :-)

  7. Thanks goodness for some procrastination - I'm sure it's good for the soul.
    They are all incredible, but I love the Japanese ones, the wave especially.

    Now crack on girl, fun's over!

  8. i think you should be jolly pleased Mr P and his wispy friend 'I' visited...look at what happened when they did ....great job boys !!......x

  9. Oh, what a post - I am breathless (or give me another word) - thanks to Mr. P - the thief of time. These buttons are so so so good.

  10. You have done way more of Karen's button course than i have, I ran out of steam very early on though i will plod on (happily, I love doing them, i;m just too tired all the time!)because it is all so inspirational. And yours are gorgeous :)

  11. Hi Nora, Just popped over from Colette's *waves* and laughed my head off when I read this post!! Brilliant! How funny, I wrote something similar the other day but not nearly as fab as this. Well one things for sure this last week Mr P has seriously been outed. : D
    ps. Beeeautiful Buttons!!

  12. Wow, these are fantastic little works of art. Love em. M x

  13. hi nora i love the wreaths,we were given some little ones at work i wasnt sure what 2 do with, i will have a go at making some with the your blog,its very entertaining!jo bodley


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