What is it about camping that makes every one become stereotypes?
10 minutes after arriving at Eweleaze the kids had turned feral

and us mum's had started drinking what is now called Camping Champers.

A week of fresh mackrel

bucket trees at Lulworth Cove

Kids being silly

Wood chopping

A room with a view

Dr Who Quizes

Photos taken by a two and a half yr old that make me look a) young, b) slim and c) busty.

I am of course d) none of the above

And whilst the women went off to Dorchester to go hunter gathering

The men made FIRE!

Good times, good, good times.
Roll on next year.
Nora xx


  1. Perfect camping! I must remember that I am supposed to be drinking throughout... and take some bubbly when we go next week! A slight drunken buzz will make the whole thing go alot easier... good times x

  2. Ah, it sounds wonderful! I love all your photos you young, slim, busty thing you! Those books and mags are great, I've just started collecting a 1970s series called "Creative Family Workshop" with all sorts of great crafts and interesting bits, the photos are fantastic. There are 23 volumes and I've only 4...hmmm perhaps I need to go to the thrift shop tomorrow.
    Oh, I might steal the drink name "Camping Champers"!

  3. Looks like great fun - I must admit camping is looking more and more like a possibility... maybe next year I'll brave it. Camping Champers will be a must!


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