Nora is pleased to announce
that as of this last Tuesday evening (9 Th Feb)
South London is a richer place to the tune of
helpful and loving, Valentines Sock Monkeys.
She is also very proud to announce that the said Sock Monkeys have raised
£140 for the
Clever, clever, helpful Sock Monkeys.
The Sock Monkeys would like to thank every one at the
for being kind and helpful and allowing their creation to take place
in a friendly, warm and cozy place that most importantly serves a mean G and T.
Which is after all that most important missing link in the creation of
Sock Monkeys.
So for those of you trying this at home, take heed, the results will be much better with this essential ingredient to hand.
Nora applies this rule to many things in life and finds the results most pleasing.
It is suspected that not all the monkeys made it to their intended recipients,
especially when one busy sewer was overheard saying
" well if he thinks he getting this now, after the amount of work I've put in to it, he's got another thing coming."

Scroll down and see for your self
the wonders of the birth of a Sock Monkey.
I couldn't put all of the photos of the workshop in this post.
There are lots more on my flicker site
use the link on the right to see them all.

Legs and body.

Busy, busy, busy.

Making the tail


Can you tell what it is yet?


The rogues gallery

Celebrity lookie likie Sock Monkey
Some say its a pair of old socks cunningly fashioned to look like a primate, some say its Martin Clunes in disguise.

Dinner and wine got in the way of some monkeys being finished.

A rare glimpse of Nora herself.

It was after all a very long evening.

And last but not least thanks to Sally and all at the Earl Ferrers Stitch and Bitch
for inviting Nora to host this exciting workshop.
The Earl Ferrers Stitch and Bitch meets on the second Tuesday of the month, all are welcome so please come along and bring your craft projects to do whilst stitching and bitching.


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