Who is that flaming woman?

As some may know I have been working very hard all year on a extra special side project, some call it a side project, others call it an alter-ego. By day I am a somewhat harrased mother of two overactive young boys, costume maker, chauffer and cleaner living in a tumble down end of terrace in south London, but by night..... Nora!
Nora loves fabrics, she loves playing with fabrics, deconstructing them and making them in to something new. The sight of old bit of "Nana" embroidery, tablecloths, doilys, napkins or handkeircheifs, thoughtlessly discarded in charity shops and carboot sales makes Nora's heart cry out. These items need a good and loving home and Nora intends to be the one to provide that service. She is a magpie hoarding all manner of goodies in her rambling shed. Nora squirrels away her finds, old and new and creates things of beauty from them.
Both Nora and I beleive that helping people to unlock their creative impulses through sewing is only but a good thing, and to this end run sewing classes for children aged 6 and over, "Deck the Halls" is happening on 5th December with 20+ children coming together to make fabric christmas decorations. In the new year, building on the sucess of her Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Nora will be hosting an embroidery coffee morning. Probably just an excuse to bake eat cakes and gossip, but hopefully some amazing creations will come from the experience too.
Flaming Nora's things 'o beauty are now being stocked at "Bermondsey Fayre", 212 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3TQ


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