Day Twenty Seven
This afternoon just 10 miniutes before the sun slipped below the horizon I took these photos.


I know it was 10 miniutes, because that was how long it took me to walk up to the old town, visit the cobblers and return, and when I returned the sun had gone gone gone.
The sea was irridescent and the sky a beautiful array of orange, yellow and pink.

I love these views of the fishing beach you glimpse from between the huts. 


Its definatly a working environment rather than a pleasure beach and one of my favourite places in Hastings.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Beautiful shots. The pink in the sky in fantastic. So delicate and painterly with the grey. Xx

  2. I have traveled to places that are close to Hastings, and might even have changed trains at the Hastings station. Now you have got me thinking that, on my next UK journey, I might need to have Hastings as a destination. What sunset lighting!


  3. I love those beaches, particularly in winter.

  4. The Winter does have compensations with skies like that. Nothing in your folksy shop yet as you had written before, or did I miss it? x

  5. How I long to live by the sea...x


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