Dear God what am I doing here?
I thought I was taking a break.
But then something happened today.

Something that would be impossible not to blog about.
I was in the old town doing some last moment panic present buying and two things happened.
While I was in A.G Hendy's home store I bumped in to an old friend from the days when I worked on big blockbusting films, it was lovely to catch up we possibly haven't seen each other for 12+ years.
Whilst we were chatting away and paying for our purchases the lady at the till asked me if I was going to The Tudor House.


Ooh, what? No! Really? How exciting!
The old Tudor house in the heart of the old town has been stripped back and restored to somewhere near its original interior, though with added hot and cold running water and flushing conveniences, in much the same way as the home store has been.

Alistair Hendy himself was there welcoming people and chatting about the house and the years of work that have gone in to it.

They have open days for it a few times a year, but somehow I have always missed them so far.

Of course because it was a day off and because I was doing nothing more interesting than Christmas shopping I had sadly forgotten my camera. 
Which means all the pictures I took were taken on my phone. Though I am impressed by the quality of them.


It was stunning, so atmospheric and intriguing.
So there are a lot of pictures.



The garden was almost as interesting as the house being mainly taken up by a huge gunnera plant.

There was even an outdoor shower (warm) next to the out building.

Its open every day between now and Christmas eve, so if you are anywhere near I would heartily recommend a visit as a little Christmas treat.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. This looks such an interesting place although it looks like it woud have been cold in the wintertime. Good excuse to have those lovely crewel work or velvet bed curtains. Thanks heavens for central heating. Bumping into old friends is always a joy. Xx

  2. Nora, how lovely to see this old house restored. Goodness, it is beautiful to see but to live in - we are so spoiled! It is so interesting to see and think of old times, how they lived and worked.
    Thank you for the post.

  3. omg!!! its beautiful and the products in the store amazing i want everything and a house like that too what a wonderful vision he had!!
    d xxxxxx

  4. It looks wonderful. AND, they have a warm shower ... we had a flood in the bathroom last night (downstairs luckily) and now the immersion thermostat has bust, so no hot water for us!
    I hope you have a very merry Christmas with your family and a very happy new year ...
    M x

  5. Nora, many thanks for this bonus Christmas post. The Tudor House looks like a place I would love to see, and so I am very glad to have this opportunity to get an idea of its atmosphere from your photographs. What a wonderful gift for us!

    Happy Christmas! xo

  6. What a wonderful unexpected outing! The Tudor House looks like a magical place.

    Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  7. despite the outdoor shower I could move in there in a heart beat!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas x

  8. What a fascinating place and the photos are excellent. Hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a happy 2015 xxx


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