Rob'in, noun. Small brown bird with a red breast.

 I have been itching to make another embroidered collage since going to the Mrs Bertimus workshop at Hope and Elvis a few weeks ago.
Very happy with how this turned out and its making me feel very festive.
Which is lets face it never a bad thing! 


Plus it means I used up one of my ever growning collection of rusty old tins.


Which in turn makes room for more forsaken tins that look at me with sad eyes every time I venture into the Old Town in Hastings.
Love Nora xxx


  1. This is beautiful. We had a robin in our garden for a couple of years but the neighbour's cats got it. Robins always make me feel happy. They are such cheeky wee souls. Xx

  2. Love LOVE LoVe your Robin
    Ali x

  3. Your embroidered robin tin is absolutely charming! I've never seen anything quite like it.


  4. Gorgeous, as always...
    I'm curious, how many tins have you made so far ?

  5. That robin he/she machine or hand stitched? xx

    1. ps, I have some rusty old tins you might like if we ever get round to that swap...shall we make it a New Year's treat (2015!) ? xx


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