Day Twenty Eight
I think it is safe to say I hate homework. (At this point all my friends who read this blog are either turning off or curling up in to a little ball and gently rocking back and forth). I have very strong opinions about it. But now is not the time and this is not the place for that rant.
Lets distill it down to the very essence of the argument. It is a blight upon family life. Having a child in secondary school has only but solidified my views.
However, oh how there is always a however, the little man has actually had some really great homework to do recently and about 3 weeks to do it in.
Now he is in yr2 they have been learning about healthy food. 
He had to make a 3D plate of healthy food.

After some discussion he decided he wanted to make it out of fabric.
Phew! Hurrah!
With only a little help from me, some cutting out and tying of knots and the technical working out of the plate the little man got stuck in and made it all himself.

It was great seeing him work out how to use the sewing machine and get excited as each piece started to come together. 


He even mastered free machine embroidery.
The bird on the plate was a perfect finishing touch!

Chip off the old block? 
Only time will tell, one day soon I'll share his art work with you...
Love Nora xxx


  1. Deffo old girl just mark that one up to the good genes!!
    love D xx

  2. Brilliant piece of work

  3. Homework sucks. Love this though, nothing like that has come through at our school. Then again, I can't think of our school these days without thinking of the Cypress Hill song, When the "ship" goes down, you better be ready!"

    So proud of your boy! Totally ace work!

  4. Great work, he's evidently absorbing all of that creative atmosphere. With you on homework, particularly "projects" .

  5. How cool is that? Your son is certainly showing signs of having your creative genes. What a great idea, bet the teachers were delighted. Looks really fun. Homework wins are few and far between though. I agree with you on the dreaded "h" word. It just causes rows in our house and is done so begrudgingly as to be of little, or no value. :(

  6. Your son did a wonderful job with his plate! It's rather scary when you find out what they've absorbed when they give such a good impression that they are paying no attention and don't care about our "silly sewing" (as DS put it).

  7. That is amazing!
    I am so impressed x


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