I have been being busy stitching, printing, gluing, machining.
Turning one man's rubbish into another man's treasure.
Another rusty old tin becomes a mini embroidered collage

 An old picture of the Hastings life boat beaching on the shore with a crew member caught mid jump overboard. I so enjoyed making a portal picture last time I did one it just seemed right to do another.

 The bottom of the tin contains a map of the coastline collaged together with scrapperty bits that would have otherwise ended up in the bin.

Here is a copy of the original picture. If you look closely the men are wearing cork life jackets.

 Then I made this little compilation based on a picture of young Victorian lasses paddling in the sea on Hastings beach.
 I love the idea of just highlighting a small framed portion of the picture.
But I am beginning to worry I may run out of tarnished old curtain rings soon, eek!

 And again here is the original picture.
But what is all this industry in aid of?
Well I am excited to announce that i have been invited to take part in this event.
 So if you fancy a little Flaming Nora original of your very own, come along and join in the fun.
There are some amazing and beautiful gifts to be had from the Mad Old Cat lady as well as hand made jewellery and beautiful stained glass.
Love Nora xxx


  1. What brilliant tins again and what a great sounding event. Mad old cat lady could be tattooed on me, and most of my friends come to think about it. I love the little portholes into a more colourful world. It really brings the images to life. Xx

  2. Why oh why don't I live in England... :-(
    I would love to come to that open house...
    Love what you did with the paddling ladies !


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