At the end of last year I was reading something some where, they were asking what your favourite inspirational quote was.
I looked at it blankly and felt quite grumpy.
I'm not one for that kind of thing, but have a vague feeling that maybe I should. 
Maybe it's a failing on my part that I don't have an inspiring mantra to ponder upon.
But then I throw it all up in the air realising its all a load of hippy crap and I've been happy without an inspiring quote for over 40 years. I'll probably be happy without one for another 40.
I then continued on my rambling page hopping way forging a weavey way through the internet. When the next place I alighted and I can remember where it was, it was on the Guardian's website. No idea what the article was about though, had this quote on it.

They attributed it to Julia Margaret Cameron, though on further investigation it would appear its something a lot of people have said over a long period of time.
But I think it was her name that grabbed me, I find her quite fascinating.
Somehow it was exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.
So I decided to record it and keep it so I can remember.
So now I have one, an inspiring quote.
One that spoke to me and helped me make some decisions.
Helped clear up  the direction I need to go in.
It is  quite handy to have this inspiring quote thing. I repeat it to my self when I get confused or the fear about what I want to do.
May be some of this hippy crap has something to it, not all of it though, I'm not going to start wearing crystals and patchouli oil.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Love the quote, love the piece! Is that the same Julia Cameron who wrote The Artist's Way?

    1. No Julia Margaret Cameron the Pre-Raphaelite photographer. I'm afraid "The Artists Way" smacks too much of the Hippy crap for me!

  2. Hmmm - I'm not sure about this one, seems to me in the same vein as " and ye shall find..." and there's lots of stuff I've sought and NEVER found. BTW - you still seeking your Flaming Nora embroidery?


  3. I have a little notebook where I write down all my favourite quotes and poems but I can never remember any of them! Perhaps I need to embroider one too ... oh, but I can't embroider. Perhaps I'll have a tatoo ...
    M x

  4. he he! I used to be a mega hippy, all patchouli oil and crystals...not so much anymore though so you needn't worry! The only quote I really like and can remember (and which I also find HUGELY annoying because it haunts me every day) is by William Morris "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” ....I dont think he had 2 little kids and no money (and perhaps didn't frequent carboot sales!)....but's something I aspire to. xx

  5. I quite like quotes, but forget them! X

  6. So glad you haven't gone over to the dark side of patchouli! I want to hear all about what's going on with you! What leaping are you doing?

  7. Oh god, I recently went on some training which started with a powerpoint presentation of inspirational quotes - it gave me THE FEAR this however, is awesome, would be a fab piece to keep out on display x

  8. Yes, it is one of the very best quotes there is and I often think of it too!
    Julia Cameron's "The Artist Way" is one of my bestest books and that's where I first discovered this quote. She truly is amazing and inspirational in her thinking about creativity.
    Though I'm not good at doing the Artist Dates she talks of, I have continued to write Morning pages for years and years.
    I'm glad this inspires you to DO THE THING ANYWAY!
    Well done you!
    Happy days,


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