2012 ended on a bit of a high for me.
Despite all of us being ill with a rolling programme of various, new and interesting diseases it was a good end to the year!
"Why?" I hear you cry "how can this be?"
Well, it was fun being off with the boys for two weeks, it was also really nice to not go any where, though it did mean we didn't see any of our families which was sad.
But this new year is bursting with opportunity already.
So very exciting.
I've been busting to tell you all about it, but a Christmas spent in the sick bay for the whole family has kind of had me distracted and not in a blog writing kind of mood.
But I am now!
So let me tell you all about it.
Heard of them?
Its run by Gillian Ellam and hosts monthly workshops in a couple of venues in South London.
Gillian is looking to expand further and has asked me to work with her to set up Crafty Pint here in Streatham.
We will be hosting workshops on the second Wednesday of the month at The Railway, same venue as I use for the children's classes.
How ever what I was to tell you about today is our grand launch event.
We are carrying on with a theme set by the Ninja Knitters before Christmas and urging people to come along and celebrate our local shops who have been hit hard by the road bridge at Streatham Common  station being shut for 6 months.
Next Saturday is the day of the monthly farmers market so there will be lots going on as well as the Crafty Pint excitement.
Come along and help us celebrate launching this exciting new adventure and learn what we will be up to, not just your run of the mill craft workshops, lots of exciting new stuff happening here I can assure you, print your own tote bag with Streatham Bridge images and generally join in the fun.
And the best bit?
Well, this one is FREE!
Its suitable for crafty people of all ages and abilities and we love meeting and making friends new and old, so put the date in your diary and we will be seeing you next Saturday 12th Jan some time between 11 and 2.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Hooray! Hurrah! oh how I wish I could be there! have a wonderful time! i am going to a screen printing class tonight (a gift from the Mr.) very excited and will be thinking of you.

    Happy new Year gorgeous!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I hope it goes well for you Jane and I'm glad you're all feeling better now :) Kx


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