Long long time readers of this blog may remember the original wonky and some of the less than encouraging comments the Hippy made about him.
But Wonky has been a well loved member of the gang often being lobbed out of bedroom windows just to see how far and how fast a wonky can really go.
But someone other than the boys really really loved Wonky.
He is a dear and special friend to all of us is Lou.
It was his birthday.
So a dear and special wonky was called for.
And so I bring you the Flaming Wonky.
With hooves of fire he travels the neighbourhood bringing warmth and comfort to all who meet him.

The glowing embers of his face welcoming friends new and old.

And his ring of fire repelling those who have annoyed,
or big sisters who are being too bossy.

Happy birthday Louis and good luck in your new home Flaming Wonky.
May you keep each other forever warm.
I am thinking how much I enjoyed making another Wonky and that if I can muster the energy (for I too along with other members of the household am feeling a little wonky at the moment) may post a how to about him.
Is this a good idea?
Or is it only me, the boys and Lou that love a wonky?
See you on the other side of all the aches, pains and general grumbly grumpyness.
Nora xx


  1. This Wonky is fab. I particularly love the flames coming out of his backside!X

  2. I love the Wonky! He is clearly a chilli lover... I think a 'How to' would be v popular!

  3. They're so sweet both Wonkies :-)
    Yes please show how to make them.
    (Love the flaming rear.)

  4. Yes please on a how to, I think we'd all love a Wonky of our own.

  5. My 8 year old little man thinks he "cool". I think he's hot! M x

  6. I think we're all slightly wonky, aren't we? He's such a character. Yes, it's a great idea.

  7. well I love Wonky! and I really do hope you feel better soon. x

  8. I love the flames on his butt!


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