A circlet of interwoven materials: To form by twisting: to twist together: to twine about or encircle: to twist.

Last night I was a busy Nora.
With the grand opening of 2011 official and global Christmas festivities due upon us tomorrow there was just about enough time for a bit of last minute craftiness.

Last night 20 lovely ladies joined mine own self and the glamourous assistant, Kirsty, at our local pub.

And we made wreaths.

Lots and lots of wreaths.

We ate chocolate, we drank drinks, we met up with friends and new people.
But mainly we enjoyed ourselves.

At the end of the night Kirsty and I decide it was one of the most enjoyable classes I have run so far.

Lots of old faces, some recent faces and some new faces.
Such fun.

There is nothing Nora likes more than chatting over a pile of fabric.

You can see more of what the ladies created here.
So now this corner of south London is a little readier for the Christmas onslaught.

Phew! Thank Goodness for that.
If you like the look of the wreaths you can find out how to make them here.
The only difference being our wreath frames were a double ring, so I made the strips slightly shorter, about 5".
I am off next week to a really Christmassy place in the far north.
If there is no snow I will throw a tantrum. Work or no work!
Much Love Nora xx


  1. Love the wreaths! Wish I could take a making class in a pub! My favs are the ones with gingham, as I am a sucker for gingham!

  2. Great wreaths - very cool. I would love a pub-based craft class too... I wonder about being brave enough to set one up myself.

  3. They look great, love the one with the stripy and white fabric.
    Have fun next week - don't forget your thermals!!

  4. These wreaths made under your eagis are so super I hope and suppose they sell like warm sausages -maybe they were not at all made for selling but for the home decoration. I wish you snow up there but no snow for me, please.

  5. OI NORA!!!! These are some of the most fabulous things I've seen this season( which ok ok ok is not a lot as I am in Bali) but they are really all FANTASTIC

    Love yah, have a juicy and Ribald Saturnalia,

    Ho' HO' Ho' lotta luve, Lionel xxx


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