There are some things I do enjoy in life.
I enjoy a good swapsie and I enjoy a bit of tinkering about with fabrics and thread on my sewing machine.
And so that is why I do so love joining in with Beth from Do what you love when she organises her stitched post card swaps.
This time round the theme was "Bloom"
Starting with a spot of light machine embroidery

I moved on to titchy bias strips.

With a bit of normal, if somewhat tricky stitching on the side.

And it must be said I was blooming pleased with the end result.
I hope its recipient will be too.

I have received my card in the swap, but its so gloomy today that I can't do it justice on the photographic front.
Next time.
It is really wonderful and I can't wait to show you.
I have so much to tell and show you and yet time is not my friend at the moment.
Muchos muchos day job stress and busyness as well as a considerable amount of knitting is making for a slightly scatterbrained and distracted Nora.
My bunnies are away at the moment having grandparental fun and much as I am enjoying the lay ins till 7 am every morning, some days I haven't woken up till 7.30! shock horror! I am really rather missing their shrill demanding voices and boney pokey elbows and scabby knees.
Tomorrow lunch time I shall be back to being a grumpy frazzled mum on top of every thing else.
Happy Holidays.
Love Nora xx


  1. That looks fab Jane. You want scatty? Spend a few days with me my love!!! Hope you haven't forgotten about our little expedition.........I'm suffering from pre-camping/too many demanding children stress syndrome. XX

  2. Love, love, love the postcard.
    Enjoy your lay ins while you can, I'm attempting to train my girls to play quietly while I carry on sleeping during the holidays. They don't seem to have grasped the term 'quiet' though.

  3. It's bloomin' gorgeous!
    Tricky ain't it, enjoying a bit of alone, but missing the dickens out of 'em anyway.
    Time is not on my side neither, wishing you some downtime soon!

  4. gorgeous blooms!! enjoy the 7 am lie ins,....boy I remember that well!

  5. Gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying being grumpy frazzled mum again!


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