The Ninja Knitters are hopefully, fingers crossed, going to have
a tiny little guest appearance
in the events section of the next Mollie Makes magazine.
Really rather exciting.
But, and there is always a but!
Contact was made some time late yesterday
and I needed to get photos and information to them by today.
All I had was 32 knitted squares and a couple of nearly finished wheels.
But with a bit of creative thinking, the emergency enrolment of a blanket my Great Grandma Daisy knitted me when I was 3 and
an interesting shooting angle we had lift off.

I roped in the help of Hayley my glamorous assistant from the day job, and we spent an enjoyable hour frantically stitching and then mucking about in the street with old blankets and scraps of knitting.
Well it made a change from the crippling weight of costumes we are struggling with at the moment.
Happy Day!
Love Ninja One (Nora) xxx


  1. Oh fabulous! Well done meeting the deadline with lots of ingenuity!

  2. Wow how exciting! It looks fantastic - not bad for such a crazy deadline.

    Just been mooching through posts I've missed - that dodgy embroidered woman with a plait is going to give me nightmares. So creepy.

  3. Most intrigued about your ninja knitting exploits....


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