My big little man came home the other day.
He had been to the Cambridge Folk Festival with his Dad.
He left as a clean well adjusted child with a slight (ahem, strong)
South London accent,
and returned to the welcoming arms of his mother looking like a very grubby new member of Goldie looking chain.
Returning from a folk festival as a prototype bearded, real ale drinking,
tyedyed t-shirted hippy would make sense.
But not my boy.
In Fact this Photo does not do justice to the new look,
somehow a lot of the dirt has been magically removed from his beautiful white outfit.
WHITE! I ask you, who would put a child in white?
especially a child at a festival?
You also can not see a. the true magnificence of the hat,
or b. the fact that his hair is dyed blue.
He was very proud of his lighter.
I thought "oh its just an old empty one that he's picked up."
I am hoping not to be proven wrong.
But I am expecting the opposite.
Off now to tackle the K2 of washing they brought back with them.
Love Nora xx


  1. You could always let him set fire to the washing, that way you wont have to do it........hmm, maybe not. X

  2. my husband once took my strong, healthy 18 year old to Ireland for a week to visit family. He returned with a mere wastrel, a shadow of a young man who had attended too many lock ins!...


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