Both days 9 and 10 of the 10.10.10 challenge in one hit.

This weekend we spent a little bit of time in what is becoming one of my
favourite places.
St Leonards on Sea and Hastings.
We went as part of the blonde bombshell's birthday treat.
Humm " sweet heart how would you like to go and stay with Mummy's best friend as a treat for your birthday? You can play nicely and quietly while Mummy makes a lot of noise and laughs till she crys on an hourly basis."
Somehow he said yes!
Probably says more for his Auntie Grindid (his name not mine) than my selling skills.
The first 10 is of she's my best friend and I hate her's house.

And yes, just so as you don't stay awake at night wondering,
she does need that many colours of hair dye.

The second was taken on the walk from beach to chip shop through the net huts on Hastings sea front.
Like a guest who stays that little bit to long or coming home after a long and tiring trip,
I have really enjoyed the 10.10.10 challenge, but boy am I glad to be getting back to normal!
What ever that is.
Love Nora xxx


  1. a challenge pulled off with flying colours :o)

  2. What great photo's to finish off with. I feel a bit exhausted by it all, but enjoyed the ride never the less.

    I have a friend who moved to St. Leonards a couple of years ago and we only went down for their wedding for one day - I've heard so many great things about the place, we're hoping to go camping there (yes - I really did just say that!!) this year and explore a new patch of England.

    And just read the barbeque post - surely it's too cold still and dark!!??

  3. Fabulous! Sounds like a great visit. I am so impressed with all your 10s and feeling very hang-dog for not finishing mine. It has been so great to see things through others eyes!
    Hugs to you!

  4. I'm really enjoying these photos- well done for keeping it up! They really tell a super story x


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