Recently I have found my interest in dyeing yarn has been revived.
I have been contemplating and cogitating on the idea of eco dyes.
A long time ago I bought a big tub of Turmeric with this in mind.
The other day I dusted it off and mixed some of it up into a paste in a big old dye pot along with a dose of Alum. 
This lot are a selection of cotton yarns that I have gathered over the years from various charity shops and car boot sales.

After I had finished with the yarn I decided to have some fun with some old napkins and scraps of old embroidered table cloths.

Very happy all round with the results.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Nora, I always keep some turmeric in my kitchen and almost always use it when I am cooking rice (except when I go the saffron route.) It's a lovely color, as your dying results show...and apparently also has good properties for those who dine upon it, too.

    Those gentle golden yellow shades are beautiful. Clever you to not stop with producing those lovely yarn shades, but to bravely also add the vintage linens to the dye pot. You are really make me wish that I had the space to conduct some of these experiments myself...with something beyond rice. xo

  2. Cool !! Why do you use the alum ? Is it to get the colour to "stick" ? (Sorry if this may be a stupid question, I have never dyed anything...)

  3. Love the gentle colours of those yarns.
    M x

  4. Turmeric is so satisfying to dye with! Love your results!

  5. Wow, those linens are almost neon. The yarn colours are beautiful. I love the softer colours that you can get from natural dyes. Still not had time to have a go at my end. I have some cotton yarn to but it is getting the Procion treatment. :) xx

  6. I sent You an email several weeks back to tell You that You won the yarn in the giveaway at my blog but i haven't heard back from You....


  7. You have the beautiful yarns. I'm looking for the nice colors for Christmas gifts, crochet bags and scarfs are special and beautiful.



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