I appear to have been away for rather a long time. 
The reasons are boring and all revolve around work, so I shall mention it no more.
Today the Hippy has been cutting the hedge. It is a massive hedge. It takes a long time to cut.

Whilst cutting it he found this beautiful abandoned nest. The babies have hatched, fledged and flown the nest.
If you look closely you can see some little flashes of colour from all the off cuts of yarn that I used to throw out into the garden when I had finished weaving my ends in.

As the saying goes one man's junk is another man or birds treasure.
Love Nora xxx


  1. What a beautiful rich colour that moss is. The nest is such a fabulous object. It must take the birds ages to build one. How lovely that they use your wool. The flashes of colour are brill. Xx

  2. Oh that next is lovely, and a sort of dream come true. I still hope to come across a bird's nest over in Central Park that made use of the yarn scraps I scattered there last spring.

    Aren't birds just natural born/hatched artists? xo

  3. What a wonderful find
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. I've said it before on IG, English birds are smart birds. Or maybe they just like a colourful nest. Not like the dull Belgian birds, who had a huge ball of colourful ends to pick from, but just used the ball as a swinging chair. I think I will move to England - with my scrap ends of yarn.


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