Take an old book of photographic prints the college library was selling off cheap, a dye pot and a collection of odds and ends of embroidery threads that had been knocking about for ages.

Fill the dye pot with dye.
Add threads.

Add more dye for a deeper colour.
Re dye parts of afore mentioned threads.

Add another colour of dye to pot.
Re dye other parts of threads.
Hang up to dry.

Scalpel pleasing page from the art book.


Using dyed threads embroider bullion knot flowers.

Carry on embroidering flowers for a long time, a very long time.

The end!
Love Nora xxxx
P.S sorry about the placing of the pictures, blogger is driving me to distraction this evening!


  1. Love this! I am terrible at knots. Can you teach me? LOL

  2. What a brilliant idea and the flowers are amazing. x

  3. Where do you get the patience to make so many knots (do you have a store nearby that sells patience ? Did you find it somewhere in a corner of the college library ? ;-)).... If I would try to make something like this, photo would be flying through air after ten minutes...
    But the result is just gorgeous !!

  4. I have never heard of this kind of embroidery before. Thanks for sharing this. Your work is beautiful. It must have taken ages and now I have learnt of a new thing. Xxxx

  5. Absolutely stunning. X
    PS If you have an iPad, have you tried the Blogsy app for blogging, it is so easy to use.

  6. Fabulous embroidery. I love challenging myself with really l-o-n-g bullions - sometimes they work! Great dyeing method as well. I've given up on Blogger to post and now use MarsEdit (I'm on a Mac).

  7. What a beautifully moody presence your creation has. The muted colors of the photograph are enhanced by the intricate embroidery. Dying the threads has surely allowed you arrive with a very pleasing colorway. And I thank you for reminding me of bullion knots. I've got an ongoing embroidery/mending project of my own that might benefit from a bullion knot or two.

    Will you be doing more of these beauties? I am hoping that the answer is yes.


  8. That is a lovely idea and the colours are beautiful.


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