Saturday was a big day for the Ninjas.

Our first ever Heart Transplant.

Over 200 crochet hearts to make people feel loved on Valentine's Day.

We pulled out the big guns with a celebraty endorsement from Kojak himself.


As ever the Ninjas went forth to Yarn Bomb is disguises so cunningly crafted they blended seamlessly in to the winter crowds thronging along the seafront.

Can you spot them?
No neither could anyone else.
We disguised the children as children and Hairy acordian playing punks as, well I don't know what but he blended in to the background and didn't attract any attention. 

After the deed was done we took over the top floor of the Pelican, our local diner (there were rather a lot of us, what with children, brothers, nieces, nephews, friends, boyfriends, dogs) and sat in the window to watch the events unfold.

Great excitement whenever some one was spotted checking out the hearts. 
Even more ecitement when someone took one.
By Sunday lunchtime there were none left, the railings were bare.
Who Love Ya Baby?
Ninjas do.
Love Ninja One xxx


  1. Cor, you lot are s.p.o.o.k.y! Mistresses of the cunning disguise. Loving the little bit of Janice. Now I have an earworm and will be singing all day. Glad all the hearts found someone to love. They are indeed out on the street and looking good. Xxxx

  2. What a clever disguise. MI5 could come to the Ninjas for tips !!!
    I would have taken a Kojak home with me, if I would have been able to come there. Love the ninja initiative :-) !!
    Incredible that all the hearts were taken - here in Belgium, if there were such an initiative, most people wouldn't dare to take one (we're just sad, shy people, we belgians... Or maybe we're just so paranoid we would suspect a tracking chip in every heart, to follow us wherever we go on Valentine haha...)

  3. How utterly fabulous! Some of us are planning an "event" here and I'm inspired by your ninja disguises

  4. Grand work. Love the hearts, the picture, the song words and the disguises. Most inspiring.

  5. Congratulations on a fabulous concept, very well carried out!

    Bravo to you Ninjas. xo

  6. Well done Ninjas. Wish I lived closer to you! xxAxx

  7. I salute you Ninja One!
    How cool! X

  8. love your disguises....do the SAS know about your talent?


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