Recently our little man was asked to take part in a national photography competition via school.
After some research and chatting to a photographer friend of ours he decided pin hole was the way forward.
After some generational confusion with us all just not realising he had no idea what a negative was or how it worked, or that you would have to develop the photos oh all these mad things that are just part of our makeup, but to a child of the digital age are totally nonsensical.
After a frantic scramble to find enough old tins to make the cameras from.
After a last minute Saturday morning waiting for the black paint on the inside of them to dry and keeping every thing crossed that the sun didn't disappear before we made it down to the beach, we were all set to go.
He decided to take his pictures on the fishing beach, it having lots of great opportunities for interesting composition.

He is only just 7 and to be honest concentration is not his strongest skill, so this was a perfect project. He would set up the shot and then run about for a minute and a half before coming back to fit the lens cap. (A strip of black paper sticky taped in place)
The results were great.
Our friend has a darkroom and was extremely generous with his time and advice, allowing R to develop his own pictures. They had a great time playing around with chemicals and giving us regular progress reports.
R had to submit 4 images but really it was such a hard decision to make. Every one pitched in with their opinions and in the end he chose the first 4 images shown here.

Fishing boat RX142 Hastings beach

Fishing nets on Hastings beach

 View into a lobster pot

Propeller of fishing boat

Tractor on Hastings beach

Harbour Arm Hastings

Fishing boat Hastings beach.

Whether he does well in the competition or not he had so much fun and learnt so much doing this project that it was definitely worth it.
R is not an academic child and struggles a lot at school, so it was great for him to be able to get up and talk to every one about what he had done and how he took the pictures and developed them.
A much needed tonic for us all.
Much Love Nora xxx


  1. Wow, what a great project. I bet he was quite proud of himself (as he should be)! That is the best thing to see your child feel good about themselves, especially if school is a bit hard. I am fascinated by the process and what good results he got! Well done R! And well done family and friend!

  2. Can only repeat what Lola Nova said, what a GREAT project!

  3. R should be immensely proud of himself - those photos are amazing. I doubt that many people will have gone to the trouble of making a pinhole camera and developing their own film. What a great boost to his self esteem at school. x

  4. I agree with all of the above. What an amazing project and the photos are fantastic. Really nice to see someone doing "proper" photography. Xx

  5. What a terrific project and the results are very atmospheric.

  6. What a wonderful project. It would even keep me interested too
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Respect ! You have an extraordinary kid - a pinhole camera and analogue photograpy ? In this digital era ? Wow ! I foresee a creative future for him !

  8. Pinhole photography really does seem like magic! Bravo to your lad on his massive accomplishment. The photographs are very fine indeed.


  9. Between these awesome photos and the kind encouragement of your friend, who knows where R may take this! Tell him we want to see more of his work!

  10. Great images!! I remember making a pinhole camera--so fun. I know he enjoyed it.

  11. How fantastic - and every good wish to him for success - though I guess he's had that already. The photos look wonderful!


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