This week has been a busy one working here and there but mainly here in the day job and the students are all of a flap and deep in the throws of their
final major projects at college.
In the mean time I received a lovely package of scraps all the way from Canada
from Janet of Caribou crossing.
As part of the Very Berry Handmade fabric scrap swap.
Lots of interesting bits and some lovely gifts.

The fabric went straight in the scrap box,
which in turn got well used last Saturday at
The Puppet Nation.

Lots and lots of lovely children, some familiar faces, some new ones all getting creative on the puppet front.

There are lots more pictures of the day over on Flickr
But the second half of the week has been taken over by worry and horror.
Worry about my old college friend Yuki, who though she is with her husband in Germany, her family and friends are all still home in Japan.
Thankfully they are all ok.
And horror just watching the television coverage of the disaster unfold, feeling helpless and some what in awe of the forces of nature.
I guess there will be things we can do to help and these will become
obvious as time moves on.
But in amongst all this life continues, yesterday was the morning of the annual pancake fundraiser in our sleepy corner of South London.
This year for Spires a local charity for the homeless and disadvantaged.
I spent the morning making the racing pancakes this year in purple and green.

Many many children with full tummies and sticky fingers spreading their favourite toppings and stuffing their faces.

Ending in the traditional pancake tossing competitions on the street out side the pub.

Which in turn becomes a competition to see who can throw theirs furthest along the street.
Which in turn ends up with an interestingly decorated tree.

I ended the day with my friend Jane doing a bit of guerrilla gardening.

Hoping next week is full of Happy.
Love Nora xx


  1. Love the fabric swap - but the pancakes do look a little yucky!
    Your local community looks very together, am a little envious of all the fun stuff you do locally.

    You never told us how your crafting with teenagers went - fill us in, please!

  2. not sure about those pancackes!!?? but the puppets are fantastic.

  3. Oof, I wrote you a long and very witty (at least that's my story) comment and it just disappeared! Darn my internet!
    Love the puppets, love the pancakes! Looks like a grand time of it!

  4. Please understand every one these are "racing" pancakes, not eating pancakes. They are made to with stand small children repeatedly lobbing them up and down the road, with little or not disintegration.
    Eating pancakes yummy, racing pancakes, bouncy with the consistency of a dog chew!


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