What with all the upset, destruction and horror of the last couple of weeks old Nora has been feeling a little upset.

I'm trying to work out an idea for a fundraising event for the Japan Tsunami appeal.
But at the moment its all hinging on my non existent origami skills.
Humm well we shall see what happens.

To cheer me up this week we have had some visitors.

Felted woollen birdies.
Lots and lots of felted woollen birdies.

Most of these are presents for the ever growing number of
new babies that are being born
and one for an extra special little girl I know and don't see anywhere near enough of.
But some are for a workshop I am running in a few weeks time.
Read all about it here.
And some were for a workshop I ran a week ago. (more about this at a later date)

Any road up, I thought you all needed a bit of cheering up too,
so in the spirit of the self portrait challenge
I bring you.....

Love Nora xxx


  1. Oh, I am having a crappy month and your lovely picture really cheered me up. Hope you are well.
    Linnie xx

  2. I am having a roller coaster of a month and after an hour of tears that was exactly what I needed to see....a raving red-haired nutter!! Thanks for making me smile Jane, love Carrie XXX

  3. You've made me smile!
    I love your birdies and your shrek.

  4. Hooray for some happy - so much sadness around at the moment, love those birds.


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