Any one out there?
It's every so dusty round here.
Mice have got in the biscuit tin, there are no tea bags left and the milk has turned into a new and interesting life form.
6 months is a long time to be away.
I never meant to go away for so long.
But inspiration got up and left.
Life became a long hard slog.
Writing became an impossibility.
I have been waiting to see how long it would go on. 
To see if I wanted to come back.
Turns out I do.
As I type I can feel the old spirit returning.
There are things happening here in Flaming Nora land.
Big things, exciting things.
Things I shall tell you about soon.
In the meantime here is a picture of some very special kissing birds.
They are what I am going to be telling you all about when I have finished cleaning up round here.
I'm off to open the windows, run the feather duster round and plump up the cushions.
I would love it if you come back to say hello.
Much love to one and all
Nora xxx


  1. Hello! Let the creativity return!

  2. Hi Nora,I have missed your lively posts and it's good to see you back. Love the kissing birds. Happy New Year. xx

  3. Good to have you back. Family life with young lads can be very sapping of creative energy - although I definitely don't spend as much time outdoors as when they were young. Looking forward to seeing your textiles in 2016.

  4. Welcome back, and happy new year
    Julie xxx

  5. Welcome Back! Love those kissing birds! x

  6. Hi Nora!! Nice to see you post!! Cute birds. Hope you get the cleaning done and post more!!
    Happy New Year

  7. About time too! I've been pressing my nose against the instagram windows hoping you would come back.xx

  8. Great to see you back. I've really missed your lovely posts. They always make me smile.
    Here's to lots more!

  9. Welcome back...you are helping to put some Happiness into this still very new year. Those birds are endearing...please do tell us more about them soon.


  10. Woo hoo! Happy New Year! Great to have you back. You have been missed. Plans sound very exciting and mysterious. Here's to a fabby 2016. Xx

  11. Lovely to see you back, can't wait to hear all your exciting news xxxx

  12. Hello , Hello how long are we to be in suspense ??????????

  13. I cannot wait to read again from you soon. Welcome back!


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