Well hello there!
I decided a little explanation as to why I've been absent quite a bit recently.
Tomorrow is my last teaching day of this academic year.
And as much as I love my students, hurrah!
The last few weeks have, as they are every year, been quite full on.
Actually this year may well have been harder, as our first years have also put on an exhibition running along side of the one for the graduating students. But more of that tomorrow.
So here are some edited highlights of the Costume Design and Realisation course exhibition for this year.
I am as ever immensely proud of my students they have all, even the ones who didn't make it on to here, worked so hard on their final major projects and pulled out all the stops.

 Alexia, is from Iceland and she wanted her final piece to represent the landscape of her home country and its legends.
Starting with the lava, which turns into basalt columns and finishing in a glacial flow into the sea.
The hem of the dress is encrusted with salt crystals.

Naomi uses feathers in every project she does. 
Here is a detail of her Grecian goddess.

Kirsty made a beautiful steam punk inspired tailored Mad Hatter's jacket,  but I fell in love with her embroidery.

Karen"s pantomime dame was wonderfully over the top, full of sparkle and a real crowd puller.

Hayley made a really technical transformation dress, it starts as an old hag in a rough hooded cloak but as she spins round it all falls away and transforms into a beautiful princess. 

Hannah and Sian designed the whole of Hairspray for a local youth theatre and made two of the costumes for it.

These final two are from the props course, but I just couldn't resist showing them off here.
Wall E.
How fab is he?

Cizzy made these magnificent Maleficent headdresses. 

Sorry to anyone who didn't make on here, not all the photos came out that well.
But that is the nature of taking pictures in a crowded, dark exhibition I guess.
So tomorrow I shall delve deep into to the world of Anime, Children's books and U.V paint.
Do stop by to see what the rest of the gang has been up to you will not be disappointed.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Wow! wonderful work
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Such thoughtful, beautiful and inspired work. They must have great teachers. :) xx

  3. Breathtaking work, what a pleasure it must be to work with new talent. Job well done Miss!

  4. Such amazing work. Very talented students indeed. The first one is beautiful. M x

  5. Astonishing work tTe pieces inspired by Iceland are absolutely wonderful. They all deserve to pass with high honours.

  6. What a treat it is to see these fabulous designs, beautifully realised, by your talented students. I am very, very impressed! These students clearly have had some fine guidance, inspiration and motivation from their instructors. The variety of what you've shown us here is terrific.

    Now I am looking forward to your next post...sure to be another marvel. xo

  7. What stunning work!
    I love them all......and Kirsty's rabbit has stolen my heart! X

  8. I am stunned...
    I would immediately buy Alexia's work. That work is truly gorgeous ! I can already imagine myself wearing it...

  9. You have very talented students! All of their works are amazing. I truly love every design, and I'm amazed at the great creativity that they have. Holding events like this one would surely inspire them to bring out their best. I'm sure these students will go far in the future. Thank you for sharing, Nora. Have a wonderful day! :-)

    Neal Johnston @ Zynger


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