What would this torn scrap of canvas tell us? What adventures has it had? What sights has it seen?
If I leave it on my cutting table and pretend I am not listening will it start whispering its history?
There is so much to say about this scrap I don't really know where to start.
Hopefully very soon it will start to tell some new stories, embark on the next adventure in its tattered life.
Once again becoming useful, an essential part of something.
Rambles on the beach are part of our routines these days.
The whole family mooching along eyes down scanning the shingle for treasure.
From the smallest  piece of seaglass ever glistening like a jewel sitting on a fragment of coconut husk.

Or a painted pine cone in a rusty tin.

One for the collection I think.

Love Nora xxxx


  1. Fabric does have a way of telling us what it wants to become. Your finds are beautiful. I am a sucker for a bit of seaglass. Have never found anything as exotic as coconut husk though. How exciting! Xx

  2. I love seaglass, it has had such a journey until it is found.

    We once hired a huge, obviously professionally-decorated, house in Scotland which had the most amazing collection of large pieces of seaglass that I had ever seen. It was only when I then saw a bag of it for sale on ebay that I realised it had been bought and not gathered as individual pieces - not the same at all.

  3. If rubbish could talk my house would be as noisy as a premier league football match, on the winning side of course.
    Your type of rubbish is screaming at me that it wants to move to my house haha

  4. Each of those is a chapter of an adventure...

  5. I like that the husk has been worn smooth like the seaglass and maybe that canvas was used in a crime....?
    imaginatively yours....
    daisy xx


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