Today I have been playing with old spectacles.

Stitching old lace together with obvious red stitches.

To replace a nasty piece of chicken wire that was in the door panel of this newly painted cupboard, that used to be a pond slime green.

I nearly fell at the first hurdle today, but at the last moment it all came together.
And I had fun gathering together all the displaced knick knacks that are laying around at the moment due to having our hall way, stairs and landing decorated, to help with the pritification of the picture.
Though in other news the book didn't get finished and I had to go to my reading group shame faced having only read half of my choice of read for the month. Ho humm, win some loose some.
Have you all had a productive day? I do hope so.
Love Nora xxx


  1. If you count getting the shopping done, filling up the car with diesel, booking a child's party, doing the school runs and feeding people as productive, then yes! Productive but dull and just too tired to even crochet tonight (sob).
    I do have to ask though. Why were you playing with old specs ?

  2. Excellent transformation my dear! I too am on the edge of my seat regarding the specs!

  3. Beautiful cupboard and intriguing specs! I always end up shame-faced at my book group - I tend to get overexcited, read the book early in the month and then can't remember a thing about it come the next group! x

  4. Wish I had time for a book group, out 16 hours a day for work at the moment. I dream of sleep. Love your cupboard. Dread to think what colour Pond Slime Green was. Xx

  5. Specs?!? As per Jill, busy with the general day to day 'stuff', busy baking for work this evening and doing a spot of crochet!! Gorgeous little cupboard and a nice colour, much better than the original x

  6. I love the transformation of the little cupboard and will probably shamefacedly copy your idea very sooon! What you bin doin' with the specs??

  7. I've been making wreaths from pipe insulation and old the diddy cupboard. Have you been making a spectacle of yourself? xx

  8. Chicken wire and slime green paint. I must say I like your version much better! (is that where you keep your specs?)

  9. Wow! A busy day!
    Loving your stitching x

  10. lovely idea to use a lace panel. Looking forward to see what you create with the spectacles!


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