Happy March people.

I now realise that I didn't post an image for February from my fab fabric calender.
Oh well may be my idea of photographing all 12 months on the first day of the year and then writing all 12 posts in one hit and post dating them so they just pop up on the first of the month wasn't such a stupidly boring one after all and shouldn't have been thrown so casually in to the bin.

I feel as though I have been getting a little lax in the regularity of my posts of late.
I've also been looking back at the photographic challenge I took part in at the beginning of last year with rose coloured specs.

So when I read Josie's idea over at Home Made Happy the old cogs started turning and I thought why not?

Its all about hands.

Josie says"Why hands, you may wonder? Well, virtually every activity I do each day involves my hands – cleaning, cooking, sewing, writing, playing with the children, gardening, photography itself, tidying up around the house … everything that my day to day rhythm involves … and yours too, I’ll bet.

And in thinking how amazing our hands are, how expressive they can be, I thought it would be great to celebrate them. Sometimes they’re kind, gentle and delicate in their actions and at other times firm and strong. Our lives truly are hand-made, aren’t they?"

Don't know if I'll manage every day for a month, and I'm sure other things will creep in and grab my attention, but for now its all about the hands.

But what are you making Nora I hear you cry.

Well pop over here and you will see.

Love Nora xx


  1. Ooh, pretty March! I meant to join up with Josie today as well, but got bogged down, perhaps tomorrow!
    I love those wee felties!

  2. Did I miss your fabric calendar??? I love it! Tell me more!

  3. Hello Nora!
    I'm so happy to hear you're on board with the Hand celebration :-)
    Great photos and i love the very well fed and cuddly chicks !
    Thank you for linking, and have a happy weekend,
    Josie x

  4. I look forward to see all that you do, and the littlies too I suspect.

  5. a lovely post, we are following dear Josie too and posting up hand pics. I have been friends with the dear girl since we were teenagers... she is an inspiration, isn't she. I have been following your posts and comments too - been a bit of lurker till now - so thought it is high time to say hi, properly. Helen

  6. I sometimes wonder if we should insure our know, in the same way supermodels insure their legs...

  7. I wondered about planning a calendar post for each month back in January too! Didn't do it, of course...

    Great to meet you - thanks for your tin can comment! I love what you're making, and your sewing club sounds just wonderful. Right at my level, too...

  8. A hand made life? I hadn't really thought about it that way before but I suppose that's exactly what it is :o)


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